Simple Packing Tips For Your Holiday Trip Feat. The Lucleon Combi Leather Travel Bag

Every year, millions of people take a break from the rat race by taking a trip. Unfortunately, most people pack much of the rat race and take it along with them! We are going to share some simple packing tips for you to ensure that you only take the things you need with you on the trip!

Some practical packing tips for your trip

You have finally made time to take that trip. Perhaps you are heading to a lake for a week or taking a trip to another country. Regardless of your destination, you have to figure out what to take and how to pack it. Here are some practical tips for you.

The first thing to keep in mind is the fact you are not taking a trip to another planet. While this sounds obvious, most people pack like they are going to Saturn for ten years. It is not so much the number of things you pack, but the items themselves.

For instance, are you aware that every town, state and country in the world sells soap, shampoo, razors and even deodorant? If you answered yes, why are you packing 10 of each thing?! The first rule of packing for a trip is to ask yourself if you can buy a specific item at your destination. If you are travelling to a foreign country, keep in mind the item may be cheaper over there!

Simple Packing Tips For Your Holiday Trip

When it comes to packing clothes, you need to reign yourself in. Give some thought to your destination and what should go. If you are going to a beach area in summer, you are not going to need a sweater. Trust me on this. You are supposed to be relaxing on your vacation. Take comfortable clothes, but no more than two of any item. In breaking news, there are laundry facilities at most destinations, if not in your complex there is always one nearby.

A particular area where people pack way too much is footwear. Again, we are talking about a vacation. Vacation is a word that carries a definite connotation of comfort. Flip flops and tennis shoes should pretty much cut it for any trip unless you are going hiking. Dress shoes or high heels for an expected night out on the town sound great, but are they really worth lugging around for a week or two? Usually not.

Having travelled all over the world, I strongly suggest you pack the absolute minimum possible. It makes for light travelling.

Having the right luggage for your trip

Make sure you have the right luggage for your trip

Simple Packing Tips For Your Holiday Trip

Knowing how to pack for your trip is great and the packing tips above will be handy but not having the right luggage for the trip in the first place is not going to get you off to the best start!

Luggage has definitely changed over time. Historically the most common types of luggage were chests or trunks made of wood or other heavy materials. Normally these had to be moved by professionals due to their weight and size. Today’s luggage is much smaller and more lightweight but still maintains the durability of its heavier counterparts.

Even more popular is carry-on luggage. Some individuals use this as their main form of luggage and it is easy to see why when you are on a short trip.

Recently we were gifted a Lucleon Montreal Combi Leather Travel Bag from Trendhim which is just the perfect travel bag. Not only is the sizing perfect for hand luggage but it can actually change from a hand carry bag into a backpack and then into a messenger bag so there is no need to take multiple bags with you.

Simple Packing Tips For Your Holiday Trip

It is not just the fact of how versatile this bag is for travelling, the compartments that come in the bag make packing practical too. With a combination of pouches for your phone, laptops and pens along with 2 easy-access zipped pockets and 2 zipped pouches, you can keep everything organised as needed.

This gorgeous bag is made with genuine buffalo leather and lined with 100% cotton, so it is stylish, practical and gorgeous, what more do you need for the perfect hand luggage?!

Trendhim also do a huge range of other products such as wallets and toiletries bags to finish the look too, so make sure you check them out.

Hopefully, this post will make your lives a little easier when it comes to getting ready for your trips in the coming weeks and months. If you are after more holiday tips, don’t forget to check out our other blog posts here.