My dream travel list – where I’d love to visit

Now the world has opened back up as we learn to adjust to covid being part of our everyday life, many of us are writing our travel list with all those destinations that we would love to visit in the future. I am no different, there are lots of places that I would love to visit in the future, some are closer than others however, each one is just as beautiful as the next.

If time and money were not an object, here are 5 places I would be looking to visit this year.

My dream travel list - where I'd love to visit

My top 5 dream travel list destinations:

  1. Scotland – My mum’s side of the family are Scottish and I’ve only ever been to Scotland once, which was for my nan’s funeral. I would love the chance to head up there as a family and explore a little more. We have discussed moving to Scotland to retire in future, to a place with a little more space, fresh air and amazing views. For us, it would be great to explore some potential new home areas before we do move and also get a feel for how our new life could look. There are some gorgeous locations to stay, with some amazing lodges with hot tubs and uninterrupted views to match.
  2. A safari – I’ve heard so many amazing things about safaris that I would love the chance to go on one. When I did a photography course up at a local zoo, the lady teaching also taught in Africa at safari points. It was just amazing to hear her stories and see some of the pictures she had taken over the years there. There is something beautiful about seeing the animals in their natural environment.
  3. Walt Disney World® Resort Florida – This has been on my wish list since the children were little, it has always been a little out of our reach however even now with the kids the age they are we could have such an amazing time there. There is just something magical about this place that I know could create so many memories for us as a family that I would just like the chance to explore it!
  4. Lanzarote – We have not been to Lanzarote in a while, in fact, 2015 was the last time we visited this beautiful island. This is a place I call our 2nd home, from the moment we land in Arrecife I instantly feel at ease. The warm breeze and glorious sunshine always seem to greet us on arrival and it is very welcomed. If you have never been to Lanzarote, it should be on your to-visit list, it just has this magical feel to it that draws you in and makes you never want to leave! This would probably be the first place that I would visit if we could get away.
  5. New York – For years I have thought that New York at Christmas just looks magical. It would be great if we could visit, even if it is just for a long weekend, in the build-up to Christmas. Yes I know it is likely to be cold but I would sacrifice my wet and windy UK for a visit there! Just to take in the atmosphere, walk through central park and enjoy times square.

My dream travel list - where I'd love to visit

These are is just a few of the places that I would love to visit in the coming years but I know there are so many more places out there, some are not even as well publicised as others yet still steeped in beauty and culture.

Where is the first place on your travel wish list are you are going to visit when you get the chance to travel again?

My dream travel list - where I'd love to visit

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