Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

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There are many benefits for children when it comes to learning a new language. It enhances their cognitive function, problem solving skills and creativity. It also broadens their horizons in terms of travel and career opportunities. If you’re wondering how you can help your child learn a new language, here are some tips from a private school in the South West.

Encourage a “Little and Often” Approach 

If your child spends 15 minutes a day practising their new language, they are more likely to remember it than if they were to spend a couple of hours studying it once a week. With this in mind, try and encourage your child to practise little and often.

Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

Learn Alongside Them

Having a study buddy is a great way for to motivate your child when it comes to their learning, because it means they have someone to practise with. So, why not learn the language with your child? You can help each other and go on the journey together. If you are not interested in learning the language or don’t have the time, allow your child to invite one of their friends over instead.

Use Labels 

Pin up labels around the house so that your child is exposed to certain words and phrases frequently each day. By labelling the fridge, the wardrobe and the TV, your child will be able to visualise those objects when recalling the words. Eventually, they will be able to use those words in full sentences and conversations.

Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

Play Games Online 

There are lots of websites and apps that help beginners learn a new language. This is a fun way for children to practise which they will find motivating and engaging. You could also find a TV series or a podcast that is spoken in a foreign language so that they become more familiar with it. Frequent exposure is an important part of the learning process.