Top 4 Unique Things to Do in Las Vegas

The tourism industry has been hit hard these past couple of years, and the grand and glamorous city of Las Vegas wasn’t exempt from the hardships. However, recovery has been speeding up in 2022, as July alone saw roughly 3.5 million coming into Vegas — its highest number of visitors since 2020. You might be thinking of heading to this vibrant Nevada city where things have started to pick up, and you most certainly will not be alone in that. If you’re looking for an unorthodox experience, Las Vegas has so much to offer — from exciting poker spots to natural marvels. Here are some unique Sin City spots and activities for you to check out:

Hike at Red Rock Canyon

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You might think of Las Vegas as a great nightlife destination, but the nature spots in the area are worth visiting too. Red Rock Canyon is home to towering sandstone cliffs and beautiful desert scenery, providing gorgeous views for hikers and visitors. Wildlife here is abundant as well, and you might be able to chance upon deer, roadrunners, ground squirrels, and even more interesting and unique creatures. The area is also surprisingly a popular wedding spot and campground, which can make a lovely destination for newlyweds looking to save money on their honeymoon too.

Check out an underrated poker room

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The Bellagio, Aria, and Venetian are some of the most iconic casinos in Sin City, but their world-class poker rooms can get pretty busy, which isn’t ideal if you want to focus on your game. Visiting an underrated poker room in Las Vegas may just be what you’re looking for. One great choice is the Golden Nugget at Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, especially if you’re interested in dancing, drinks, and music. The poker room at this spot has fewer than ten tables, but you can bet the games are always juicy because lots of exciting people stumble in to play cards. Planet Hollywood is also a great, underrated option. Though it’s always outshined by its poker room neighbours along the Strip, it’s still a fantastic spot for low-stakes grinders and tourists to have a good time. The city has a lot of hidden gems when it comes to casinos, so shop around and do some research to find a poker room that suits your style.

Visit the Neon Museum

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One of the things Las Vegas is known for is its iconic neon signs that light up the city. But other than walking through the streets to see it for yourself, you can head to the Neon Museum to see the older signs that have played a significant role in the city’s history. The Neon Museum has made preserving these artefacts its mission, so residents and tourists can appreciate them for years to come. USA Today ranked it as the best pop culture museum in the country. Out of all the ones on the list, it’s the only Nevada museum mentioned. You won’t be able to find a museum like this anywhere else, so take the opportunity to go while you’re there.

Dine at a “hidden” restaurant

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Besides game offerings like poker and slots, casinos in Las Vegas are also well-known for their buffets and restaurants. But even some underrated dining spots have secrets of their own. Silverton Casino’s Mi Casa Mexican Grill and Cantina, which serves Mexican cuisine, has another smaller, hidden restaurant within the location. Su Casa serves Asian specialities such as ramen and poke bowls, but their sushi is a must-try. Shayne Galan, the restaurant’s chef, prepares the iconic Japanese dish with a creative and dynamic flair. Though the spot isn’t exactly a secret, some tourists might miss it if they don’t look too hard!

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