The Top 10 Summer Getaways

Approximately 70% of society takes their main holiday between May and September, making summer getaways very popular. Not only does this coincide with children’s summer breaks from school, but it also coincides with the more favourable weather in the majority of the world’s popular vacation destinations. Now that the summer has come to an end and the colder weather has started to roll in, many of us will be looking to plan our trips for next year. Dreams of warm sunny days abroad start to appeal to more of us as the dark mornings arrive.

There is a lot to be said about taking a summer vacation, it’s not quite the same lying in a hammock with frame in the garden!. It is mid-way through the year, and thus a perfect time slot to recharge even the most rundown of batteries. It is also equidistant from last and next Christmas, thus posing less of a financial problem.

However, the perfect summer getaway is never complete without a fantastic hotel and the best possible choice of destination. If you fail to pick the place that most satisfies your wants and needs then you may just come back more stressed than you were, to begin with.

So, to try and make your life easier, here are the top 10 summer getaways!

1. Kenya – If you are looking for a different destination to try this summer then try Kenya. Everyone should go on safari once in a lifetime to be able to fully appreciate nature in all of its glory. Of course, there is something to interest everyone in Kenya, from the fine indigenous food to the extraordinary culture. The White Sands Resort in Mombassa is the perfect base for exploration and to collapse when you are exhausted at the end of each day.

2. Egypt – Egypt is ideal for a summer break. There is plenty to see and do in the hot climate, which allows you to make the most of any break there. The pyramids are amazing and well worth the trip, but the hospitality really stands out because hotels will go out of their way to make sure that you enjoy every minute of your summer vacation. The Oasis Hotel in Cairo is just one of the many that offer such service, but the comfort of the rooms is better than most.

3. Bahamas – A vacation in the Bahamas provides the best beach holiday you will ever have. The golden sands and clear ocean can bring inner peace to even the most stressed-out individual! It can also be a family holiday destination because of the amount there is to do on the island. The Nassau Palm Resort is located right on the ocean and puts the best beaches at your disposal!

4. Greek Islands – Depending on what constitutes your perfect summer holiday, there is a Greek Island for you! Families can capitalize on the many activities offered, couples can enjoy the fine food and historical sites, and friends can enjoy the nightlife! There is something for everyone in Greece, regardless of what your interests are. Try Cavalieri Hotel Corfu for a comfortable but fun-filled stay! You will never forget the name or the place.

The Top 10 Summer Getaways

5. Puerto Rico – This country has a rich Spanish cultural heritage that has to be experienced. The weather in summer is fantastic and perfect for strolling around the island’s heritage and shopping areas. You can sunbathe, sample some of the finest food in the world and experience the culture with very little effort because it surrounds you. The Comfort Inn in San Juan offers access to most of the island’s activities and facilities so there is no need for transportation.

6. France – The coasts of France, especially in the south, are gorgeous in the summer. The sun shines all day long, but the temperatures are bearable and will not stop you from taking advantage of the wide range of activities available. The scenic tour walks, boat trips, and ample shops are available to keep you occupied, and the food will tempt your taste buds at first scent! Cannes is one of the best resorts around, and the Inter-Hotel Des Orangers hotel provides access to all of its main attractions.

7. Singapore – The climate in Singapore is welcoming in the summer because it is not overly humid but remains warm enough to enjoy your break. There are many festivals and events in the region to keep you occupied and give you just a taste of the culture. The food is amazing and the marketplaces are a haven for shoppers or culture buffs. The Fragrance Hotels provide access to the culture and food at affordable prices so you can spend more on exploring the destination itself.

8. Thailand – The Thai holiday is an extremely popular summer option at the moment. You cannot find such natural beauty anywhere else. The beaches are amazing and the people are generally welcoming. Their easygoing attitude soon rubs off on you so that you can relax and have fun. Try the Ambassador Hotel in Bangkok for a luxurious stay or the Deevana Patong Resort in Phuket for the beaches.

The Top 10 Summer Getaways

9. Portugal – Portugal is warm in the summer and, with the sun shining every day, you can feel your spirits lift as soon as you touch down. You can sunbathe on the beaches, shop in the boutiques, walk around the cities and take in the historical sites in your own time without feeling rushed. The Duas Torres hotel in Madeira is worth a look if you want the best the country has to offer as far as a combination of beach and activity goes.

10. Maldives – What could be better than spending summer in a tropical environment that offers a range of activities for you to try. You can sail, scuba dive in the Indian Ocean, sunbathe, shop, part, sleep, and dine at world-class restaurants. The atmosphere is one of utter leisure, and this is mirrored in the hotels. The Hulhule Island Hotel, for example, makes your stay luxuriously comfortable and panders to your every need without planning your days out for you.

Summer getaways may be the most popular around but it means that you are spoilt for choice. Decide what you want, have a look at the range of destinations, and tailor your holiday to suit yourself. Most places will offer a range of activities to please almost everyone, so choose wisely and make the most of your summer break!

The Top 10 Summer Getaways

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