Frequently Asked Questions

Should I sign up to be a mentor or a student?

If you currently attend a university or have graduated from a university, you have the option to sign up as a Mentor. Mentors provide advice on college admissions, scholarships, and school experience to users interested in studying abroad.

You can also sign up as a Student, to connect with peers and receive advice on studying abroad. This is for students who are planning to start their undergraduate degree, graduate degree, or looking for an abroad program in general.


Why study abroad?

We believe that brilliance exists beyond borders, and here’s why: Studying abroad is your opportunity to see the world. You’ll experience new cultures, meet new people, and discover new interests. Most importantly, you’ll encounter different styles of education that will enhance your occupational opportunities in the future.

How do I find a mentor?

Our system will assist you by providing you with the best mentor recommendations based on your user information and preferences. You can also look through our database.

How do I contact a mentor?

You can find a mentor by looking through our mentor database. Our search will allow you to filter results based on university, degree, field of study, and location.

After finding your desired mentor, please contact us and we will notify your chosen mentor. You will be able to communicate with your mentor after your request has been confirmed.

How does your payment process work?

When you choose to connect with a mentor, you can press “Pay Now” for basic consultation. You’ll be able to ask your mentor for advice at a low price of $5.

To see our other prices, please visit the Services page.

How do you ensure mentor quality?

We promise a diverse selection of mentors for you to choose from. Our mentors come from various locations around the world and are some of the most experienced students at their university. To assess mentor quality, you can view mentor ratings, reviews, and suggestions. Mentor profiles will also reveal college acceptances, test scores, and received scholarships.

I can’t find the mentor I want on the platform. How do I receive advice for the schools I want to apply to?

Please contact us through email and let us know your user preferences (i.e. University, Major, Location, Degree). We will notify you when we have found your perfect match.

I want to find a mentor who can speak my native language.

You should be able to see a mentor’s language and hometown informationtheir user profile. We later plan on having a wide variety of languagesfor our user interface.


When do I officially start?

You officially start when a student wishes to connect with you! Most afriendabroad connections occur during the season of college applications. You can also choose to connect with a student by going to their user profiles.

What is the time commitment?

Mentors are free to choose how much time they commit to their profiles. With a registered account, mentors can alternate their status between “Available” and “Busy”. Mentors are also able to choose whether they want to accept or decline requests.

*Coming soon: Our development team is working hard to create tools for you to manage your schedule.

How will I know when I’m contacted?

When a student wishes to connect with you, our system will send you the request via email. You have the option to either accept or decline the information. (You should reply within 48 hours)

How do I get paid? (Mentors are paid via paypal.)

For every basic consultation that you provide, you will receive $4. When we make our other services available, we’ll let you know how much you can earn from helping out students. Mentors who become premium users will be able to set their prices for advanced consultation.

For any other questions, please contact Support!