10 Tips for planning your family holiday on a budget

If you are planning a family holiday, you are probably thinking about the budget.

When you are travelling on your own or as a couple, the costs might seem high but they have nothing on travelling with kids! If you are not careful, you can easily blow the holiday budget on just the flights or hotel! If you are looking to book your next family holiday on a budget, here are some tips on helping you cut the costs.

10 Tips for planning your family holiday on a budget

1. Cheaper rates can often apply if you plan and book your holiday well in advance. Last-minute bookings with family travel could cause you too much stress though, wondering if you were going to be able to take the whole family or have to leave someone behind, but which one? Book online, it makes it so easy to check out the best deals available.

2. Package deals often include flights, transport to and from the airport, budget car hire, accommodation, breakfasts, free organised activities for the kids (great time for adults to duck off for a quick nap), and sometimes tours or river cruises. Deals like these can be a huge saving with a family and a strict budget.

3. It is important to check when it is peak time at your destination as prices can go sky high and break your bank account. Off-peak rates are the best times to book that family holiday. Booking outside of school holidays is always cheaper but not always an option.

4. Last-minute hotel bookings are the way to go for your family travel. This is only for the brave at heart, especially with a family in tow. But still worth a try as they may have rooms left to rent at a discount price and you could be lucky.

10 Tips for planning your family holiday on a budget

5. Hire a mobile home, load up with plenty of food, maps, gas, and a full tank of petrol, choose a destination and hit the road. Go on an adventure with your family, it’s a good time for bonding with them.

6. Stay away from traditional places to eat and shop, the best way is to ask the locals for the cheapest and best. Renting cabins or self-contained units where you can do your own cooking. Barbeques are a quick and easy fun family meal (inexpensive too).

7. Some of the larger businesses offer rewards points or cheques for money spent at their shop, so if possible make a point to buy your items where these rewards are being offered. You usually have 12-24 months to spend them. These can be used at Resorts, cruises and weekends away, saving lots of your family travel money.

8. It cannot be denied that family holidays are fun, but to save even more money you could consider holidaying with other family members or co-workers or close friends, you could have a lot of fun. Share the babysitting responsibilities. One couple could slip away for a romantic dinner and vice versa. Board games can often be a lot of fun in groups. Outdoor sports like cricket, hide and seek, swimming, soccer just to name a few, can fill in the hours without costing a fortune.

10 Tips for planning your family holiday on a budget

9. One last thought for planning your family travel on a budget is to house swap with other holidayers. You could look into a home exchange in Europe. Thousands of people have been exchanging homes since the 1950’s, there are home exchange clubs to help arrange everything for you and cut travel costs almost in half.
If you are interested in a home exchange there are many sites on the internet that can help.

10. Don’t forget when you are off on your family travel you must make sure to pack all the family essentials such as plasters, bandages (just in case of a sprain), antiseptic cream, antihistamines (for allergic reactions and hay fever), tissues, sunscreen, emergency numbers, pain killers for adult and child, nightlight (if your children are small, for bathroom trips), toilet paper (for any emergency roadside stops), plenty of water, wet wipes (great if no water available) and if travelling by road a pillow for little heads for when they get sleepy.

10 Tips for planning your family holiday on a budget