Top 5 Tips For Travelling As A Couple – Without Splitting Up!

Travelling with your other half can be a wonderful way to share some special time together, reignite your romance, and create memories that will last forever.

But let’s get real here… Being in each others’ pockets for two full weeks – or even much longer – can be really testing. There are no distractions, and even if you’re a totally solid couple, you could find that it puts a little pressure on your relationship.

Here are some top tips for travelling as a couple, to help you to manage the strain and enjoy your break together…

Make it your mission to make new friends

When you’re traveling as a couple, it’s easy to fall into routines whereby you only chat to each other. This is fine in the early days, but by making sure that you’re also expanding your social circle, you’ll find your travels much more rewarding. Make it your mission to get to know other people, too.

Communicate with each other about what you want to do

You’ll probably want to take part in some activities that your partner isn’t too keen on, and visa versa, If you don’t communicate properly, then it can quit quickly lead to resentment and arguments bubbling beneath the surface. Have a proper conversation about how you’ll spend your time, and remember that a little compromise can go a long way.

Take a break and spend some time doing your own thing

If you fancy relaxing on the beach with a cocktail or two, but your other half feels like checking out the local museums, it doesn’t have to be an issue. Spend some time pursuing your own interests and passions, then get back together at the end of the day. You’ll have plenty to talk about, and both of you will enjoy a little time to yourselves.

Factor in ‘date nights’ and make them extra special

If you’re not careful, then travelling together can mean that you don’t take the time to really treasure your relationship and celebrate the other person. You have date nights at home, so why should thing be any different when you’re on the road? You don’t have to spend a fortune, but make sure that romance has a place on your agenda.

Shake up your room arrangements

If you’re going for the true traveller experience, then you might ditch hotel rooms in favour of dorms. They can be really fun, but they can also mean that you don’t get to share a bed. Get the best of both worlds by booking both private rooms, and shared dorms, at different points during your stay. You’ll get to meet other people and embrace traveller life, but still have special couple time to look forward to.

Travelling as a couple may seem like the dream, and it quite often is. Knowing in advance though that things may be tricky here and there means that you’re ready for any potential issues before they arise, and you keep your relationship on the right track.

Have you ever travelled with a partner? What tips would you share with couples who are planning to do the same? Leave a comment and let us know!



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