How To Save Money On Food Whilst Travelling The World

Sampling the local cuisines can be one of the most rewarding things about travelling. From perfect pizzas in Italy, to beautiful banh mi in Vietnam, there’s so much wonderful food to enjoy.

The reality though is that you’ll probably need to keep a reasonably tight hold of your purse strings. Being savvy with your spending will allow you to travel for longer, and keep cash aside for the experiences that you want to enjoy.

The good news is that you can have the best of both worlds. You absolutely can eat gorgeous food without wiping out your budget. Here’s how…

Eat like a local

In almost every popular destination around the world, there are tourist traps where you’ll be forced to cough up too much money for substandard food. Instead of calling into restaurants and eateries in the middle of the hotspots, venture a little further out.

Look for the backstreet delights where the locals go for dinner. Explore the quieter streets, and get off the beaten track. You’ll save a fortune, and you’re also much more likely to get some seriously good grub.

Visit the local markets

Local markets are goldmines when it comes to finding the best food. You’ll find local meats, cheeses, fruit and vegetables, and they’ll often be super fresh. Consider buying a variety of items and creating your own picnic.

You’ll often spend considerably less than you would in a restaurant, and when the weather’s good, it’s a great excuse to dine al fresco.

Ditch your usual habits

Just because you’ve had a Sunday roast every weekend for the past ten years, it doesn’t mean that you have to continue that tradition whilst you travel. If you do, then you’ll be paying a premium, and you’ll be missing out on some great culinary experiences.

Instead, try new things. Find out what the local traditions are, and embrace them with open arms. You’ll pay much less, and your beloved Sunday roast will taste even better when you return home. After all, you need to have something to look forward to once you’re back in Blighty!

Don’t waste cash on breakfast

There are several ways to save money on the first meal of the day. First of all, look for hotels and hostels that offer a free breakfast. Even if it’s just toast and cereal, it could set you up for the day without you paying a single extra penny.

Alternatively, look for apartments that have their own cooking facilities. Grab some supplies from a local supermarket, and save your budget for a delicious lunch, or a beautiful dinner at the end of a long day of exploring.

By cultivating habits like these, you can make your money go further whilst also enjoying plenty of what you fancy.

How do you like to eat whilst you’re travelling, without smashing your budget?


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