8 Ways To Save Money At The Airport

It’s no secret that airports can be really expensive, and it’s possible to put a big hole in your travelling budget before you’ve even stepped foot on the plane.

Though it’s sometimes nice to treat yourself at the beginning of your journey, it’s often far wiser to keep a lid on your spending so you can make your budget go further.

If you’re savvy and you have some tricks up your sleeve, then it’s possible to save a considerable chunk of cash at the airport. Here are some things for you to consider…

Book parking in advance

In a lot of cases, it’ll be much cheaper to take public transport to the airport. Sometimes though, that’s just not possible. If you need to drive, then book your parking space in advance to make sure that you grab the best deal. There are often several car parking options, so scope them out before you commit.

Weigh your luggage before you arrive

If your luggage is overweight, even by just the smallest amount, then you could be faced with the decision to either ditch your belongings, or pay an additional charge. Avoid this happening to you by weighing your cases and bags before you set off.

Take an empty bottle of water

Bottled water in airports can be really expensive, and many people assume that they have no choice but to cough up. You often won’t be able to take a full bottle of water through security, but an empty bottle is absolutely fine. Once you’re through to the departure lounge, look out for free water fountains.

Bring your own entertainment

A book here, a magazine there… The costs can quickly add up. Instead of letting boredom tempt you into splashing the cash, consider how you’ll keep yourself entertained during your journey. It could be time to finally read that book that’s been gathering dust on the shelf!

Don’t go crazy with the duty-free

Some people go crazy when they hit the duty-free. They end up buying stuff they don’t really want or need, simply because they think they’re getting a bargain. Don’t indulge in mindless spending! If it’s a genuine saving on a product you were going to buy anyway, then go ahead. Otherwise, steer clear.

Consider using a first-class lounge

Okay, so this one might seem counter-intuitive. But if you were already planning to buy food and drinks at the airport, then it may be more cost-effective to book into a lounge. You’ll often get unlimited food and drinks, a quiet space to relax, and newspapers and magazines to read.

Know what you can’t take with you

Can you imagine realising that you can’t carry your favourite bottle of perfume in your hand luggage, so having to leave it behind, never to be seen again? So frustrating! And also very avoidable. Before you pack, make sure that you’ve checked what’s allowed on your journey.

Search for airport discount codes

There are discount codes available for pretty much everything these days, and airports are no different. You can find cut-price parking deals, free drinks when you order food, and loads more. They’re waiting for you, so don’t pay more than you need to.

Using these tips, you can really cut down your airport spending. Are there any extras that you’d add to this list that have helped you to make your money go further? I’d love to hear about them!


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