10 Tips For Funding Your Travel Adventure

Not having enough spare cash is probably the biggest killer of travelling dreams. You’d love to book your tickets, to jump on that plane, to take a break from your usual day-today routine, but your bank balance simply says no.

With a will though, there’s a way. There are many things that you can do to start saving money to find your next adventure.

Let’s take a look at some options that you have…

1. Set a goal

If you just set out to save up some money or curtail your spending, then you’re probably setting yourself up for a fall. We all know that when it comes to achieving things, you need to be really specific.

Work out exactly how much money you’ll need, and set a realistic date that you want to achieve it by. This will keep you motivated and keep your eyes on the prize.

2. Sell your unwanted stuff

Most of us have plenty of items around the house that we simply no longer want or need. The good news is that it’s very easy these days to turn your clutter into cash. You could sell clothes, electronics, toys… Pretty much anything that you can think of!

eBay is a popular platform, but it’s not your only option. Consider local selling pages on Facebook, Gumtree, and even your nearest car boot sale.

3. Cut back on unnecessary spending

That morning coffee on your way to work… That bottle of wine on a Friday evening… If you sit down and carefully examine your spending, you’ll quickly realise that you’re often splashing the cash when it’s just not necessary.

Ask yourself whether you’d rather have some short term gratification, or cut back for a while so you can travel. Some little sacrifices can definitely be worth it!

4. Get yourself a side hustle

Side hustles are hugely popular now, and advances in technology make it easier than ever before to earn extra money in your spare time. You could do some freelance writing, flip items on eBay that you buy in charity shops or at jumble sales, or go down the more traditional route of child minding or washing cars.

Think about what your skills are, and the kind of work that you’re going to enjoy. This will give you a great chance of staying the course.

5. Select some lifestyle downgrades that you won’t even notice

Saving money doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself. There are probably areas of your life in which you can cut back without even realising. You could ditch premium brands in favour of the supermarkets’ own, for example, or visit a cheaper hair salon.

These might be small savings on the surface, but they can very quickly add up.

6. Keep track of every penny

Most of us would be shocked at some of our own spending habits if we sat down and really scrutinized them. It’s amazing how easy it is to spend more than you think you are without even realising it.

If you’re serious about travelling, make this your opportunity to get a handle on your finances. Assess your priorities, make cut backs where you can, and know where your money is really going. You’ll feel empowered, and it’s a habit that will serve you for life.

7. Open a travel savings account

Pop into your bank and arrange to set up a new bank account for your travelling fund. You’ll get used to putting money aside each month, and you can even set it up to leave your current account automatically.

You’ll be saving without even realising that you are! Seeing that account grow will be extremely motivating, and can keep you on track.

8. Keep the end goal in sight

There’ll be times when you’re tempted to waver. You might tell yourself that it doesn’t matter if you have a spending spree, and it’s just a minor blip. Of course though, this won’t help you to hit your goal.

Keep the travelling dream fresh in your mind by creating a vision board, subscribing to blogs, and planning your itinerary. It’ll give you laser sharp focus!

9. Tell your loved ones about your goal

If you’re telling your friends that you can’t join them in the pub tonight because you’re saving money, they might try to persuade you to just come out for one or two. Make sure that you communicate your plans with the people you spend time with.

If they understand why you’re on a mission to save money, you’re putting them in a position whereby they can be supportive of your journey.

10. Consider working whilst you travel

In an ideal world, your travel dream might involve taking a big break from all things related to your career. Remember though that there are alternative routes, and they can be hugely rewarding.

You could work from laptop on the road and live as a digital nomad. You could pick up seasonal work as you go. There are so many options that will allow you to fund your adventure as you go, and give you marketable skills that will serve you for years to come once you return home.

For most people, financial considerations can seem like a real challenge when it comes to pursuing their travel dream. But you absolutely can do this… Start with these tips, and you’ll be on your way!


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